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Last updated: August 25, 2023

Please carefully review these T&C before using Our Service.

Interpretation and Definitions


The words with capital letters have the same meaning regardless of whether they appear in singular or plural.


For these Terms and Conditions, unless otherwise noted:

  • Affiliate refers to a party that controls, is controlled by, or is under common control with another entity. The word “control” refers to owning 50% or more of the shares, equity interests, or voting securities in a corporation. 
  • Country refers to Ukraine.
  • Company (as either “the Company,” “We,” “Us,” or “Our”) refers to HAKA Media (registered in Kharkiv, 61103, Ukraine).
  • Device refers to any electronic device that can access the Service.
  • Service refers to the website itself and associated content.
  • Terms and Conditions (or “Terms”) refers collectively to the terms, conditions, policies, disclaimers, and notices that We use when providing the Service.
  • Third-Party Service refers to a service or content provided by another company that You can use in connection with the Service.
  • Website refers to the HAKA Media webpage (haka.media).
  • You refers to the individual or entity using the Service.


The Company offers this Service to You under the following Terms and Conditions. The Terms and Conditions below govern your use of the Services. 

In using and accessing the Service, You agree to abide by the Company’s Privacy Policy.

Please refrain from using the Service if You do not agree with these Terms and Conditions.

By using the Service, You affirm that You are 18 years or older. The Company does not allow people under 18 to use its Services.

You agree to abide by the Company’s Privacy Policy in using and accessing the Service. 

Our Privacy Policy describes how we collect, use, and disclose information about You. It also indicates the rights You have concerning your personal data and the legal protections available to You. We encourage You to read through Our Privacy Policy before using the Service.

Links to Other Websites

We may include links to third-party Services on the Website.

The Company has no control over and is not responsible for the servers, services, or content offered by third-party services.

The Company will not be responsible or liable for any damage, loss of profit, or other consequences that may result from Your use or reliance on the information available on a third-party service. By accessing the Service, You acknowledge and agree with the abovementioned statements.

Before visiting any third-party service, You should review their privacy policies and terms of use.


We can, and We will, revoke your access to the Service if You violate these Terms. Upon termination, You will not be able to access the Service.

Limitation of Liability

The Company’s and its suppliers’ entire liability to You with regard to any Service provided under these Terms, including for indirect or consequential damages, shall be limited to the amount paid by You throughout the period of using that particular Service.

The Company and its suppliers shall not be liable for any damages (including, but not limited to: damages for loss of profits, data loss, or other information as a result of weak security implementation by the user) arising as a result of the use or inability to use these materials. The Company or any supplier will not be liable for damages, even if they have been advised of the possibility that such damage could occur, and even if a remedy fails to correct its defects.

This agreement is subject to any state laws that prohibit limiting liability for incidental or consequential damages. In these states, the parties will only be liable for damages if those damages are proven to have been caused by an intentional act on their part.

“AS IS” and “AS AVAILABLE” Disclaimer

You agree that the Service is provided on an “AS IS” and AS AVAILABLE basis, with no warranties whatsoever.

Except as may be mandated by law, the Company or its Affiliates make no warranties concerning the Service — including any implied warranty arising from a course of performance between You and Us. 

Except as expressly provided otherwise in a separate agreement or statement of work, the Company makes no warranties, representations, or undertakings and provides no guarantee that You will be satisfied with any results obtained from using its Services. The Company does not guarantee that the Services will be uninterrupted or error-free.

The Company and its Affiliates disclaim any responsibility for (i) errors, omissions, interruptions, or delays on the Service caused by third parties, internet traffic congestion, or other network problems; (ii) any assurances or guarantees of accuracy, currency, or reliability of information available through the Service; (iii) that the Service may be unavailable at times or that it may contain errors; and (iv) for harmful, virus-carrying components that may be present in the Service or email sent on Our behalf.

In some jurisdictions, You may have additional rights that cannot be excluded by contract or waived by any other means. Where the law permits this exclusion to apply, it will do so to its fullest extent.

Governing Law

The laws of the Country govern these Terms, excluding any rules that would serve to produce a different outcome. Use of the Service may also be subject to other laws, depending on where You live.

United States Legal Compliance

You affirm that You are not located in a state that is currently under US embargo, and have not been identified as an individual or company prohibited from doing business with the US.

For European Union Users

If You are from a country that is part of the European Union, then any laws in that country will apply to You and must be obeyed.

Disputes Resolution

Before filing a formal complaint, You must first try to resolve any problems or concerns that You have with the Service informally.

Severability and Waiver


If any of these Terms are found to be invalid or unenforceable, that term will be amended in a manner consistent with the original intent. All other provisions will remain valid and enforceable.


Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in these Terms, no party will be deprived of any right they may have to rely on the other’s performance or obligations under these Terms. Nor shall waiver constitute a waiver of any subsequent breach if it applies only concerning a single instance and is made in general terms without referring specifically. 

Translation Interpretation

If there is any inconsistency between the English and translated versions of these Terms, this original version will prevail.

Changes to These Terms and Conditions

The Company may revise these Terms at any time.  Any new version will be communicated clearly and effectively with 30 days’ notice before being implemented if a change is material. The Company will make the final decision about whether a change is material.

You have the option of choosing to accept or reject changes made to the Terms and Conditions. If You do not agree with the changes made, please discontinue your use of this Service.

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