Social Media Marketing




  • Do you want to manage your brand community pages wise enough to build you a solid reputation? 
  • Are you looking for traffic from popular social media and forums, not just from your brand community pages?
  • Interested in diversifying your link profile?
  • Need to maintain communities or fix negative comments?

Social media marketing agency Haka Media will help you meet all the goals listed above.


Social media marketing in a nutshell 

People are facing plenty of various content on a daily basis. It’s not surprising, as this is how brands communicate with their target audiences. But how to make sure that your content will attract new consumers and engage existing ones? Or how to be sure that the efforts spent on creating the post will turn into traffic you need? This is where a social media marketing agency can help.

Create and manage your brand’s presence in social media

It is quite clear that you can’t have a productive communication with your current and potential clients without listening to them. In fact, promoting your brand is similar to playing a game of table tennis – you can’t just tass the ball and run away.  Each payer (both brand representatives and target audience) should be totally involved in the game. Watch the actions of your co-player and react quickly and in accordance with them. 

The truth is, this is how community management looks like. After you toss the ball, that, in our case, represents social media publishing, you need to see and analyze the internet’s reaction to it. Each step should be made in the direction that leads to building healthy communication with your target audience. This will help you to get brand recognition and a positive reputation. It is not easy, but quite possible when you care about the content that is published on your brand pages, participate in discussions, monitor what people say about your brand and much more. 

What can we do for you 

We at Haka Media can spread the word about your business on the Internet. Our team of social media marketing experts is well-adjust in maintaining your brand’s accounts, involving your audience into a discussion, fixing negative comments and maximizing the impact of positive feedback. Along the way, we will also bring you more traffic from social media resources of all kinds and diversify your link profile.

Your brand needs to have a face

Let’s discuss the reasons why you need to have brand pages on popular social media platforms. Do we need to say that there are numerous brands of all kinds and it is easy to get lost among them? The question is rhetorical, everybody knows it. People need to see your brand’s face often enough to embrace it like something familiar. Why? Here is an interesting fact: the statistical data, published on Buzzteam, represents that 72% of those, who follow the brand’s page on twitter are likely to become its consumers. 

Therefore, each company needs to have official pages on social media platforms and forums, members of which are likely to become the brand’s clients. Also, it is clear that the content should be engaging and informative, otherwise your posts will be just scrolled down without being noticed. Statistically, a person should interact with the brand’s content at least five times before remembering it. So, in order to gain consumer’s attention, the brand needs not only to be represented on several popular internet-platforms but to publish engaging content constantly. Unless you have your own team of skilled marketing professionals, it is not possible without the help of a social media marketing agency.

What we can do for you 

Haka Media is a proud parent of the most skillful copywriters, marketing specialists and community managers who know how to win up-votes for your brand post and push it to the forum’s front page. We have experience in maintaining brand pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other large social media. Our portfolio includes creation, posting, and managing content about digital technologies, i-gaming, cryptocurrency, and finances.

Spread your brand name all over the internet with guerilla marketing

We do not need to tell you how important it is to diversify your link portfolio. Most likely you are well aware that it helps to spread your brand name better and to make it more authentic and visible. Simply put, with traffic from different resources and not your brand pages only, you can outreach a wider audience. This is where guerilla marketing is needed. 

Guerrilla marketing… What the heck?

Originally, guerrilla marketing campaigns were held off the Internet and involved distributing logo posters, artwork pieces, and promotional items in public places. This helped small businesses increase customer engagement with their goods or services, and compete against larger brands without spending much money on advertising. 

As the world progresses towards digitization, so do businesses and their approaches to marketing. Nowadays, the brand buzz is created and shared by customers through non-traditional communication channels like social media platforms, forums, or question-and-answer websites. Word-of-mouth advertising goes online!

What we can do for you


Haka Media team is stick to tried and true methods of guerrilla marketing that help us establish direct contact with your potential customers and pass on the intended brand message. We cover the largest discussion boards like Quora and Reddit, as well as the most popular industry-specific forums like Bitcointalk and AskGamblers. 


Throughout the years of mastering all the ins and outs of social media marketing, we have come up with a well-thought-out strategy that can be tailored to any business.

Be aware of what people say about you

Remember the example of table tennis? Yes, if you want to be sure that you do everything right, you need to listen to what people say about you. Even though constant monitoring and analyzing brand mentions is a complicated and time-consuming process, the result worth the effort.

What we can do for you

Our team has a wide experience in a number of tasks that result in improving your brand’s reputation.

Evaluating the impact of Public Relation

Shaping the feedback to work with

  • This will give you an understanding of the effectiveness of each new move and help to plan your brand development wisely. Made an upgrade or launched a new product? We will let you know what people say about it. Want to improve something but do not know where to start? We will find out what your clients want to see.

Finding negative mentions and turning them into examples of problem-solving

  • There is no secret that people will always find what to complain about. But the truth is that publicly resolved problems can help you earn even more trust than flawless brand history with perfect feedback only. Moreover, you will be able to fix clients’ issues ASAP that is likely to turn them into loyal fans.

So, look no further than Haka Media and let us introduce your business to the wider Internet audience!