Promotion of the young site in Crypto & IT niches. Step by step algorithm


Ten years have passed now, and people witnessed how the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry has been changing all this time. And crypto advertising has undergone transformations as well. 

Different casino applications, public service announcements, crypto trading bot products, etc., laid the ground for the display advertising emerging. Then ICOs appeared which, in turn, bred another change such as collaboration with key opinion leaders, airdrops, customer acquisition toolboxes, online advertising and so on.

Young but competitive

It seems that digital advertising campaigns have been efficient enough to reach large audiences widely. But they also went through some difficulties in their ways. 

Some people realized the possibility of making free money, and as a result, it evoked a mushrooming of fake projects and scam investors via social media, Google and Programmatic

Became a commonplace, it quickly activated a ticking time bomb — the war of interests, crypto ads, and numerous bans. And although the cryptocurrency industry is young it’s not that easy to survive in this space even in our times. But still, possible.

Big boys in the crypto community

Earlier many people (and companies as well) were focused mainly on Bitcoin payments processing and exchange trading, but then blockchain technologies started to develop rapidly and attract more attention to their phenomenon. And it produced the companies who shortly became known as the companies with the largest market capitalization — Bitmain, Coinbase, and Binance.


From the very start, Bitmain specialized in designing ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit) chips for bitcoin mining and became known through their first mining rigs Antminer S7 and S9. And today, the company is likely to hit as much as 18 billion dollars at a market capitalization of 40-50 billion dollars


Started as a bitcoin wallet and retail exchange initially, now Coinbase serves as cryptocurrency custody and an advanced trading platform. And for now, its market cap value heated 8 billion dollars of valuation


Sometimes compared with Coinbase, but still has a significant distinction — 150 tokens, which has a right to consider Binance a “crypto-giant”. Although the company is young enough, it didn’t prevent the company to take a dominating position in the trading and possess the market capitalization value of more than 1 billion dollars

How to survive in Crypto/IT niches

Since cryptocurrencies and blockchain are recognized to be the future of the global economy, they have already acquired their ardent supporters and believers, and the playing field has been leveled. Anyone and anywhere people believe that they can build a business with it. 

So, to make your start-up survive in this area, you need to:

  • offer a unique solution or a product;
  • build an online reputation;
  • and target potential customers.

Top marketing techniques for Crypto/IT spheres

As we live in a dynamic business world that is changing every day, it’s necessary to construct an ideal marketing strategy that will work on you and bring excellent results.

How to do that?  The next marketing techniques are at your service. 

1. SEO-friendly website 

It will help you grow online presence and target more customers. Thus, your website should contain simplified URLs and unique ones for each page, with XML sitemap and robots.txt enabled to keep it structured and understandable for search machines, and internal linking to easily navigate the website. 

Also, it won’t harm to fill it with a structured data (rich snippets, metadata) that will make the website visible and noticeable for search engines, optimize multimedia content with meta descriptions, alt tags (for images and videos), file compression (to improve page load speed), provide unique blog content, etc.

2. Listing in cryptocurrency-related websites and online directories

Here you can use the popular news or PR services to announce your upcoming product or services, and promote them. Websites as Coindesk, CoinTelegraph, Blockonomi, and many others have a great number of readers who are always looking to learn something new about cryptocurrencies, or companies in the market. 

Most of them have separate sections like “Advertising”, where you can contact with the organization by means of filling in the form, sending an email, or using a special self-service platform like that of Coindesk. So, you can contact their team and agree on promoting your start-up by them.

3. Social media activity.

Joining industry-specific communities, popular social media platforms (BitcoinTalk, Reddit, Quora, Steemit, Telegram, Discord, or Youtube) and participating in conversations related to your type of product or service is also an important element of successful marketing efforts.

And you need to be active and post there regularly because by downloading there video tutorials, brand videos or some other interesting information concerning your product and services, you can get following, reposting and a reputation within such community.

Youtube, for instance, is a fantastic channel to blend in the cryptocurrency crowd. In reference to Think with Google, 86% of people go to Youtube to grasp something new. And it’s also the second largest website and search engine in the world, that’s a good place to reach customers. 

4. Guerrilla marketing

According to Google Trends, Guerilla marketing is becoming popular nowadays. And this way of advertising will lead your business, products or services to the right communities. 

Look for your target audience on relevant forums (BitcoinTalk, Reddit), question and answer platforms (Quora), and review websites. And keep in mind these 3 important things:

  • To look realistic, your account should have a versatile posting history;
  • The more meaningful posts are, the higher the reputation is among the community.
  • Closely related communities are fine for promoting as well.

5. Guest posting

You may use special tools for searching guest post opportunities, or look at your competitors and learn where they guest-posted earlier. Or make a quick google search (for instance, “list of — affordable link building — blogs that accept guest post”), use particular search terms (example, “online marketing” + “guest blog”/“guest post”).

This point is also vital as with the help of interesting, catchy materials (different how-to and hot-topic articles, or research-backed pieces) and authoritative writers in their niche, you can attract more readers, represent yourself as expertise and encourage other bloggers to repost your content on their websites or blogs.

6. Thought leaders and blogger outreach 

In each area, you may find a lot of experts: public/anonymous individuals, organizations, media representatives, investors, traders, other start-ups, even competitors, etc. And your goal is to identify people who write frequently, analyze or comment on your sphere, and who will provide you with advanced link building strategy.

Create your outreach list to gather the main info about your potential partners (individuals or companies), categorize them as a basic tier (create sub-categories if necessary), rank by influence, engagement, content and previous marketing performance. And after, when everything is ready, try to get in touch with them.

7. Infopartnership

Most investors sometimes don’t spend a lot of time online but more interested in participating in events within the blockchain industry. Though expensive enough, it’s an excellent opportunity to both represent your brand and business, and meet future sponsors, partners or investors

Additionally, it will let you spread your ideas/views within the crypto audience, or get some knowledge, and learn the experience of the leading experts in the area. So, participate in in-person meetups, exhibitions, or conferences (both local and international), and negotiate networking opportunities with them.

8. Email marketing

It’s also a good strategy to spread the news about your business by sending emails about your new market launch. But first, collect and build an email list where you will include people who may be interested in your product/services.

Or ask your bloggers to share your content with their audience through their email lists if possible. Then segment your subscriber list, and represent your business to a new audience by providing user-centric newsletters (personalized content: interactive materials, quiz/questionnaire/survey/infographics), or offer a discount, free trials, promo codes, etc. Also, don’t forget to inform them about the updates or changes, and stay in touch with your customers after the campaign. 

How to make your marketing life easier?

Some experts believe that a good marketing campaign can be more profitable with using the right automated tools for your work. And it’s true, they can deal with multiple marketing operations and tasks like web analytics, SMM, link building SEO, keywords, competitors and content research, finding guest content and influencers, content analysis and management, uncovering content gaps, etc.

So, a bunch of helpful wild cards like HubSpot, BuzzSumo, Ahrefs, Semrush, Google AdWords and so on would be in order aiming to provide a comfortable workflow and guide you in your online marketing journey. 

Alternatively, you can hire specialized agencies if you’re not sure how to construct or organize your promoting campaign. Professional marketing companies like Haka Media will undertake all these tasks. It has been operating for 10 years now in online sales and marketing spheres and dealt with Fintech, Blockchain, Consulting, SaaS and other projects. Haka Media is the best link building service, with a perfectly coordinated team who are passionate about their work. And they will help you with creating a strategy and campaign launching that will lead you to success.

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