Content Creation

  • Are you wondering why your sales copy doesn’t appeal to customers?
  • Are you striving to create an evergreen blog article that will boost your website traffic?
  • Or, do you just need a specialist who will supply you with unique and engaging content regularly? 

Here’s the good news! We, at Haka Media, understand the value of content and deliver authentic pieces on various topics.

The areas of our expertise include: 

  • web development;
  • artificial intelligence and machine learning;
  • robotics;
  • blockchain and cryptocurrency;
  • cybersecurity;
  • real estate;
  • personal lending;
  • online gambling and iGaming.


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Content is King

Bet, you have heard this phrase millions of times since Bill Gates introduced it in 1996 or so. Needless to say that this person might know a thing or two about building a successful brand. 

To prove his words we suggest that you look at the following stats. According to Content Marketing Institute and its annual research, 77% of businesses produce educational content to engage their target audience; and over 90% of them believe that informative and helpful articles are more effective than promotional pitches. This approach to content writing makes your business more credible and trusted in the eyes of customers. The three best-performing types of content include audio/visual content, written content, and images.

And you know what? We are producing all of them, and even more… 

    • Blog posts, 
    • guest articles, 
    • case studies, 
    • press releases, 
    • streams, 
    • whitepapers,
    • podcasts, 
    • infographics. 

Pick one and we will make it stand out from loads of other content. How?

Our content is TOP — Thought-out! Original! Profitable!

We, at Haka Media, adhere to the TOP principle: our customers are of the top priority, so we are doing our best to provide them with Thought-out, Original, and Profitable content. 

How do we achieve this?

Thought-out. Before our writers proceed to creating an article, we are conducting a careful research of your market niche and business competitors. Once the necessary data is derived, the Haka Media content team generates a list of hot-button topics backed by article outlines and keyword domains. Upon approving, the topic is forwarded to our expert writers for further elaboration.

Original. In addition to authentic ideas, we apply the principle of 100% uniqueness to our texts. To achieve this, we use a set of automated content checker tools —, Advego, ContentWatch, Copyscape, to name but a few — and the ‘supernatural’ powers of our editors and proofreaders (native speakers included). 

Profitable. Indeed, most businesses create content for marketing purposes. The strategies may vary (e.g. website traffic boost, product promotion, brand awareness, etc.), but the end goal is always the same — make the business more profitable. Haka Media’s team consists of both skilled writers and sales experts. Boasting years of experience in sales, we know “how to sell a pen to your customer”, and what’s more, we know how to do it in the most natural way. 

Note also, that we work with different languages — English, German, French, Italian, Turkish, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Russian. We are lucky to have a large pool of talented writers (both in-house and remote) whom we have been nurturing over the years of fruitful cooperation. Thus, you can be sure that your content will sound as natively as possible.

Different content requires a different approach

We have been in business for over a decade now. And it would be unfair to say that every move of ours was successful. Of course, we screwed up at times, but these failures allowed us to test various hypotheses and come up with the most efficient strategies. By trial and error, we settled on the following types of content that may be of the best use for your business.

Blog posts and articles

Useful content is the new black in the marketing sector. Obviously, you want people to not only stumble upon your articles through search hits, but also visit your site or landing page, stick to it, and transform into customers. To accomplish this your content should be relevant to the reader’s intent, visible to Google or any other engine, reflect your expertise, and be structured so that it can move leads to the next stage of your sales funnel.

Case studies

Case studies are the best way to showcase your product’s benefits. Let readers relate to your customers’ stories, recognize the pain points that they struggle with, and see a clear solution. This type of content is the most customer-centric and therefore, so appealing. To get a better ROI from case studies you must know the customer as if he/she is your close friend. Perform a comprehensive research of your target audience, single out the most typical user personas, think about the real-life impact of your product for these personas, and craft a helpful copy.

Social media posts

Do you know how many people use social media nowadays? 46% of the world’s population! Just imagine, you can reach out to almost 4 billion customers using popular social media outlets. But you need to have a solid content strategy to first gain the follower base, and then convert your followers into customers. Therefore, you should define your desired outcome, highlight who you are targeting, and know how to measure your actions. 

In brief, let’s look at some of the best-performing content on the key social networking platforms that we can help you with:


Hot industry news, expert opinions, brand’s blog posts, release announcements.

Brand updates, everyday routines, achievements, Q&A sessions, giveaways.

Brand’s blog posts, professional feedback, case studies, events announcement.

Video introductions to a product/service, how-to guides, product reviews, webinars, streams.

social media

Latest updates, expert comments, stats, polls.

Social media presence is important for any modern brand. It is the word-of-mouth advertising tool of the 21st century. Studies reveal that 71% of social media users are likely to share the info about the brand they have effectively used.  

Top it all, you should also consider uncovering the potential of popular forums like Reddit, Q&A sites like Quora, and messengers like Telegram.

Media content

Why do you need to include multimedia content in your strategy? First of all, it comes with increased user engagement potential. Secondly, it’s a psychologically proven fact that some people are better at perceiving information through videos and audios. You want to cover all groups of customers, don’t you? And thirdly, multimedia content boosts your on-page SEO characteristics. Isn’t it enough evidence to diversify your content?


This is what we can do for you here:

Brand-specific images



Short video reviews

Audio podcasts


Are you still looking for a content creator that will align your business goals with customers’ informational needs? Guess what… You’ve already found the entire team of content specialists!

You can opt for one of the following package deals, or let us know if you need a custom approach.


  • 2 blog articles per month (1500 words each)
  • 2 guest posts per month (1000 words each)


  • 4 blog articles per month (1500 words each)
  • 5 guest posts per month (1000 words each)


  • 5 blog articles per month (1500 words each)
  • 10 guest posts per month (1000 words each)

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